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Traveling with Little Ones: What to Bring

June 13, 2017

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Summer is here, and that means more time for family. If you’re new to planning family trips, we want to offer some simple tips for a smooth experience.

  1. Give yourself time to prepare. Start packing a week before you’ll leave. If you have older children who can pack for themselves, have them do so.
  2. Bring compact forms of entertainment for travel time. (We recommend the Mormon Channel app, of course).
  3. Have medicine and a basic first aid kit ready, just in case.
  4. Record the memories your making. Give everyone a disposable camera to fill with photos you’ll treasure.
  5. Delegate responsibilities to each family member. Let everyone feel involved in planning and enjoying a great trip.

What’s your favorite way to make a family trip safe and fun? Leave a comment.