Mormon Channel Daily

Personal and Family Scripture Study - February 13, 2015

Episode 690


This episode goes along with our new blog post, written by guest blogger Stephanie Nielson. She runs her own established blog, and her insights to effective personal prayer and scripture study will inspire you. 

How do you enhance your scripture study? If you are looking for tips and ideas, we have a few for you.

Study a specific topic. For example, each month, you could focus on a theme. This may be fun to do with your family or friends. Study a specific person or a prophet. Choose someone you’d like to understand better, and let his or her story guide your scripture study. Focusing on Jesus Christ’s life and teachings can be especially uplifting. Approach your reading with a question or concern in mind. Whether you search for specific verses to answer your question or not, we believe you will find answers simply by reading.


Listen in for more tips, and don’t forget to head over to our blog for Stephanie Nielson’s special post.