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Tips for Successful Scripture Study - February 27, 2015

Episode 700

Tips for successful scripture study4:35

There comes a time in most everyone’s life when leaning on the faith of a parent or friend is not enough. We must all develop spiritual self-reliance, which is as important as physical and financial self-reliance. Famous blogger and survivor Stephanie Nielsen recently told us all about one of the tools she uses to maintain  her spiritual strength—the scriptures.

Her personal scripture study starts on the mountains near her home. Before she begins, she uses her smartphone to select a talk given by a church leader. As she hikes, she listens intently to the talk and takes mental notes while praying to the Lord for inspiration. Her study does not stop there. Once home, she searches for scriptures that were referenced in the talk. 

Not every day is the same in terms of schedule or study, but she has found that going without the scriptures at all is simply not an option. She teaches her children that principle.

"I think my favorite element of family scripture study is watching my children learn that they are adored sons and daughters of God," she says. "I want them to know who they are, why they are here on this earth, and what direction they should be moving toward."

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