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How to Talk With Your Spouse about Finances

August 11, 2017

A couple talking7:31

For many couples, finances are difficult to discuss. However, left unaddressed, that aspect of marriage could be the cause of a major rift between husband and wife. In today’s episode, our newlywed host shares the lessons she and her husband have learned about having productive conversations about money.

Those lessons include the importance of setting aside time to talk, acting as a team, and focusing on goals rather than bills.

“I will admit that at first I was a little uncomfortable,” Nicole says. “I’d never had any accountability to anyone but myself, and now we were talking about our budgets, our spending habits and it was weird.”

To hear her advice and learn why she’s glad to communicate with her husband about money, listen to this episode of Mormon Channel Daily. Share your own tips in the comment section below.