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How to Respect Everyone's Right to Choose

July 13, 2017

Two young women7:13

When the people you love make choices you don’t agree with, do you wish you could make their minds up for them? How can you respect their right to choose? Is there really a way to express your love and support despite your conflicting opinions?

In today’s episode, our host shares a scripture story and a personal story about children who pushed against their parents’ faith in God and chose to live a different way.

Dallin H. Oaks taught, “With our children and others whom we have a duty to teach, our duty to truth is paramount. Of course, teaching efforts bear fruit only through the agency of others, so our teaching must always be done with love, patience, and persuasion.”

While respecting the choices of others, we should remember to keep a strong grip on our standards.

“Our tolerance and respect for others and their beliefs does not cause us to abandon our commitment to the truths we understand and the covenants we have made,” Elder Oaks points out. “We are cast as combatants in the war between truth and error. There is no middle ground. We must stand up for truth, even while we practice tolerance and respect for beliefs and ideas different from our own and for the people who hold them.”

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