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How Can I Feel God in My Daily Life?

July 14, 2017

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On today’s episode, our host answers a commonly asked question from our listeners: How can I feel God in my life every day?

Consider keeping a daily journal. Writing even a couple of sentences at the end of your day about the good things you felt and experienced will remind you of the ways God is blessing you on a daily basis.

Each morning, make a goal to serve someone. Jesus Christ centered His life on service. Any time we act more like Him, we’ll enjoy the peace and love that characterized His life.  You could also start your day with a prayer. Ask for God to fill your day with opportunities to feel His love and to help others feel it too.

For a few more simple ideas, including scripture study, nature walks, and uplifting media, press play.

How do you stay close to God and feel Him in your life every day? Leave your tips in the comments to inspire someone.