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Don't Let Others Weaken your Religious Beliefs

September 19, 2017

A young woman reading the scriptures9:54

You believe the gospel is true, but you’re not sure if living it completely is worth it. Does that sound familiar? If it does, you aren’t alone in feeling that way. Sometimes the world’s way of doing things is more appealing. We’ve been taught, however, that staying close to God and Jesus Christ is key to real happiness, in this life and the next.

Thomas S. Monson offered these tips for building a strong foundation of faith that will sustain us when doubts and questions come our way.

First, fortify your foundation through prayer.

President Monson says, “When we remember that each of us is literally a spirit son or daughter of God, we will not find it difficult to approach Him in prayer. He knows us; He loves us; He wants what is best for us.”

Second, study the scriptures.

Third, give service.

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