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Dating: How Can I Be More Sociable?

July 03, 2017


Dating can be a challenge regardless of your circumstances, but for those who are naturally introverted the dating world can seem especially daunting. In this episode, our host offers some encouragement.

Her advice is simple:

1. Don’t focus on searching for a spark on the first date; instead, focus on the person you’re with and what you can do to make him or her feel great.
2. If you feel like you’ve run out of prospects, consider the many ways you can meet new people.
3. Accept invitations to go on dates and spend time with friends.
4. Extend invitations to people you’d like to spend time with.
5. Keep dates simple when you want to.
6. Plan a few double or group dates.
7. If you’re feeling shy, ask your date questions and let him or her do the talking at first.
8. Have confidence in yourself.

What are your dating tips? Leave a comment below and you could inspire someone.