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Caring for Elderly Relatives and Friends

August 07, 2017

An elderly woman sitting on a chair7:42

As children, we depend on our parents to take care of us. As time goes by and our parents age, we may find that they are dependent on our care. In today’s episode, we discuss what we can do to become loving, effective caretakers for friends and family who are aging.

If you aren’t directly responsible for the care of an elderly friend or family member, you may wonder what you can do for seniors you simply interact with from time to time. Remember the example of Thomas S. Monson, who has dedicated much of his life to visiting the elderly. Elder Holland told this story:

A well-meaning person once told President Monson that it was useless for him to visit these elderly people, talking at length with them when they seldom answered a word. “You might as well save your time and breath, Elder Monson. They don’t know who you are.”

“Whether they know me or not is beside the point,” the determined Thomas Monson replied. “I don’t talk to them because they know me; I talk to them because I know them.”

Who will you reach out to this week?