Sister Rosemary Wixom - Episode 43

Episode 43


Sister Rosemary Wixom, the Primary general president, and her husband, Jack Wixom, are interviewed by Heidi Swinton. Topics include the Wixom's childhood, their courtship, life's experiences and service to others. Included is an explanation of Sister Wixom's call as the Primary general president and some of the memorable experiences since that time.

Brother Wixom - Growing Up Years

Sister Wixom - An Early Spiritual Experience

Sister Wixom - Education at Utah State University

Sister Wixom - Courtship and Marriage

Sister Wixom - Coming to Know the Savior

Sister Wixom - Primary President Experiences

Sister Wixom - Selection of Counselors

Sister Wixom - Use of Counselors

Sister Wixom - First Conference Address

Sister Wixom - What is Primary?

Sister Wixom - Being Called as Primary President

Brother Wixom's Support of His Wife in Her Calling

Sister Wixom's Support of Her Husband on a Mission

Sister Wixom - Parenting Advice

Sister Wixom - Concluding Message

Sister Wixom - Testimony

Brother Wixom - Testimony