Interview with Elder Paul V. Johnson

Episode 46


Paul V. Johnson grew up in a large family and learned how to work hard on a farm in northern Utah. His wife, Jill, grew up in a small southern Utah town. This episode of Conversations features an informal yet inspiring interview with the Johnsons, who tell how they met, the trials of a serious illness, and how Elder Johnson's interest in teaching led him into unexpected paths.

Elder Johnson currently serves as the Commissioner of the Church Educational System. This interview is filled with excellent advice on gaining an education, raising families, facing trials, and more, all while helping us get better acquainted with this outstanding couple.

Sister Johnson - Introduction and Growing Up

Elder Johnson - The Importance of Education

Elder Johnson - Career Development

Elder Johnson - Courtship

Elder Johnson - Characteristics of Sister Johnson

Elder Johnson - Counsel to Young Families

Elder Johnson - Hobbies

Elder Johnson - The Call as a General Authority

Elder Johnson - Influential People

Elder Johnson - The Influence of General Conference

Elder Johnson - The Church Educational System

Elder Johnson - Submitting Ourselves to the Lord's Will

Elder Johnson - Dealing with Afflictions

Elder Johnson - Illness and Trials

Sister Johnson - Testimony

Elder Johnson - Testimony