Interview with Elder Lance B. Wickman

Episode 52


This is a compelling interview with Elder Lance B. Wickman and his wife, Patricia. Elder Wickman is an emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy who currently serves as general counsel for the Church. Elder Wickman married, experienced combat duty in Vietnam, and began a family and career. Along the path of life, the Wickmans have had sobering experiences as well as powerful and uplifting ones.

The Wickmans discuss war experiences, marriage, families, relationships, and much more, all interlaced by the influence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This interview is unusually diverse and well worth experiencing.

Elder Wickman - Choosing Law as a Career

Elder Wickman - Advice on Handling Today's Troubles

Elder Wickman - Advice on Raising Families

Elder Wickman - Vietnam Service

Elder Wickman - Learning from Children with Special Needs

Elder Wickman - Loss of a Child

Elder Wickman - Righteous War

Elder Wickman - Church Office of General Counsel

Elder Wickman - Marriage Advice

Sister Wickman - Testimony

Elder Wickman - Qualities of His Wife Patricia

Sister Wickman - Sharing her Beliefs with Others

Sister Wickman - Childhood

Sister Wickman - Advice on Coping with a Spouse Away on Military Service

Elder Wickman - Testimony

Elder Wickman - Service in the Army

Elder Wickman - Early Testimony

Elder Wickman - Mission to England

Elder Wickman - Childhood

Elder Lance Wickman and Sister Patricia Wickman - Full Interview