Interview with Elder L. Whitney Clayton

Episode 40


Elder L Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy and his wife, Kathy, describe their formative years, how they met, and experiences relating to their many years of service to the Church and community. They share  good advice on relationships and raising families, as well as personal examples about the success stemming from righteous living and hard work.

Elder Clayton - Growing Up

Sister Clayton - Growing Up

Elder Clayton - Admired Traits of Parents

Sister Clayton - Admired Traits of Parents

Elder Clayton - Decision to Serve a Mission

Elder Clayton - Courtship and Marriage

Elder Clayton - Raising a Family in California

Elder Clayton - Counsel of Raising Children

Elder Clayton - Raising Children in Today's World

Elder Clayton - Things Learned in Argentina

Sister Clayton - Learning Spanish

Elder Clayton - Advice on Representing the Church

Sister Clayton - Concluding Testimony

Elder Clayton - Concluding Testimony