Interview with Elder Jay E. Jensen

Episode 45


This informal visit with Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Presidency of the Seventy provides rare insight into his growing-up years, his development of a testimony, his courtship and marriage, the influences that led to his career choices, and his love for the people of Latin America and the Spanish language, including his role in the publishing of the Spanish LDS edition of the scriptures. The interview is also rich with advice on how to develop a love for the scriptures and how to use them effectively to bless our lives.

Elder Jay Jensen - Growing Up Years

Elder Jay Jensen - Courtship and Marriage

Elder Jay Jensen - The Influence of His Wife

Elder Jay Jensen - Influencing Grandchildren

Elder Jay Jensen - Decision to Become a Teacher

Elder Jay Jensen - Teaching the Gospel

Elder Jay Jensen - Developing a Love for the Scriptures

Elder Jay Jensen - Accessing the Power of the Holy Spirit

Elder Jay Jensen - Preserving the Scriptures

Elder Jay Jensen - Producing the LDS Spanish Scriptures

Elder Jay Jensen - Love for the People of Colombia

Elder Jay Jensen - Things Learned from Time Spent in Latin America

Elder Jay Jensen - Testimony and Invitation