Elder Ben B. Banks - Episode 41

Episode 41


Host Heidi Swinton leads Elder Ben B. Banks and his wife, Susan, through highlights of their lives as they share experiences and lessons learned that can benefit all. Included in this informal discussion are principles used in raising their family, their love of rugged outdoor activities, and candid insights into their association with members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Sister Banks - Growing Up

Elder Banks - Getting into the Lumber Business

Elder Banks - How the Banks Met

Elder Banks - The Banks Children

Elder Banks - Principles Used in Raising a Family

Elder Banks - Teaching a Good Work Ethic

Elder Banks - Love of the Outdoors

Elder Banks - Mission to Scotland

Elder Banks - Service and Experience as a Seventy

Elder Banks - Growth of the Church in Polynesia and the Philippines

Elder Banks - Vacationing with Elder Scott

Elder Banks - Story of the Conference Center Pulpit

Elder Banks - Respect for the Brethren

Elder Banks - Hosting VIP Visitors

Elder Banks - Testimony

Sister Banks - Testimony