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Cell Phone    1:02
Cell Phone TV Ads
Little Mr. Microchip    0:47
Little Mr. Microchip TV Ads
Kidnapped    1:03
Kidnapped TV Ads
Saturday Mornings    1:04
Saturday Mornings TV Ads
Dream Car    0:23
Dream Car TV Ads
Pool    0:21
Pool TV Ads
But Not Forgotten    1:02
But Not Forgotten TV Ads
Waiting for Dad    1:03
Waiting for Dad TV Ads
Going to the Dogs    1:02
Going to the Dogs TV Ads
At the Movies    1:04
At the Movies TV Ads
Runaway Stagecoach    1:03
Runaway Stagecoach TV Ads
Consequences—Daughter    0:31
Missing    1:04
Missing TV Ads
SciFi    1:02
SciFi TV Ads
Halftime    0:32
Halftime TV Ads
Truck Talk    1:06
Truck Talk TV Ads
Bad Hair Day    1:02
Bad Hair Day TV Ads
Just What to Say    0:32
Just What to Say TV Ads
Canoe    0:23
Canoe TV Ads
A Son Every Day    1:04
A Son Every Day TV Ads
Secret Agent    1:01
Secret Agent TV Ads
Is Mom Home?    1:04
Is Mom Home? TV Ads
I Want Drink    1:01
I Want Drink TV Ads
Miss The Bus    1:02
Miss The Bus TV Ads
Home Repair    0:30
Home Repair TV Ads
Johnny Got a Job    0:31
Johnny Got a Job TV Ads
You Said    1:03
You Said TV Ads
I've Put It Off Too Long    0:30
I've Put It Off Too Long TV Ads
Watch Videos    0:32
Watch Videos TV Ads
Homework    0:31
Homework TV Ads
Blockbuster    1:02
Blockbuster TV Ads
Born to Play the Game    0:32
Born to Play the Game TV Ads
Please Sit Down    1:32
Please Sit Down TV Ads
Soccer    0:22
Soccer TV Ads
Crayon    0:35
Crayon TV Ads
Answering Machine    1:03
Answering Machine TV Ads
But Why?    1:00
But Why? TV Ads
Cookies    1:03
Cookies TV Ads
Dinner Conversation    1:02
Dinner Conversation TV Ads
Family Harmony    1:03
Family Harmony TV Ads
Potato Chip Trail    1:02
Potato Chip Trail TV Ads
Like Father Like Son    1:03
Like Father Like Son TV Ads
Cheering Section    0:47
Cheering Section TV Ads
The Swing Set    0:22
The Swing Set TV Ads
Phone Call    1:06
Phone Call TV Ads
Casey at the Bat    1:34
Casey at the Bat TV Ads
Dry Cleaner    1:33
Dry Cleaner TV Ads
Up-Down    0:22
Up-Down TV Ads
The Fence    1:03
The Fence TV Ads
Late Night    0:33
Late Night TV Ads
Something Important to Do    1:01
Something Important to Do TV Ads
Parking Spot    1:02
Parking Spot TV Ads
Lasting Marriage    0:47
Lasting Marriage TV Ads
Swashbuckler    1:02
Swashbuckler TV Ads
By the Hour    1:01
By the Hour TV Ads