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Visiting Teaching Message Episodes:

At the beginning of each month, we expand the Visiting Teaching message through quotes and insights from the general Relief Society presidency and other General Authorities.

Daughters in My Kingdom Episodes:

The last week of each month, our message is focused on the book, “Daughters in My Kingdom, The History and Work of Relief Society”. The general Relief Society Presidency, and other guests, share their experiences with this inspiring new book.

Questions and Answers Episodes:

Our monthly Question and Answer program features Sister Julie B. Beck, general Relief Society president. She and her guests answer questions from Relief Society sisters around the world.

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Why are questions so important? Is it faithless or wrong to have questions or to acknowledge that you don't understand certain things? Listen to Sister Julie B. Beck, Sharon Eubank, and Elisa Scharton discuss how questions are a valuable avenue to receive revelation.

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Questions Precede Revelation  - Episode 18   45:29
Questions Bring Revelation    2:26
Questions Bring Revelation Relief Society
Resources to Answer Questions    3:47
Approach Questions with Faith    2:56
Blogging in Relation to Faith    2:53
Sharing Our Faith    4:26
Sharing Our Faith Relief Society
Resisting Temptation    5:36
Resisting Temptation Relief Society
Comfort in Questions    3:49
Comfort in Questions Relief Society
Patience in Questions    2:03
Patience in Questions Relief Society