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Music with a Message

Music with a Message is a 30-minute radio program that explores gospel themes through inspirational music and poignant narration. Each episode investigates one important gospel topic including faith, repentance, service, charity, sacrifice, and many others.

Messages of the Holy Ghost: Most revelations to leaders and members of the Church come through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. Quiet, spiritual promptings may not seem as spectacular as visions or angelic visitations, but they are just as powerful, lasting, and life-changing. This episode of Music with a Message features messages about the Holy Ghost by the following artists: Hillary Weeks, "Lead Me Home" (Album: Lead Me Home); One Clear Voice, "One Clear Voice" (Album: One Clear Voice); Rebecca Lopez, "Listen, Listen" (Album: When You Believe); Mercy River, "Sailing Home to You" (Album: Mercy River); Jenny Phillips, "Burn in Me" (Album: Every Breath); Scott and Jenny Frogley, "Be Still, My Soul" (Album: God Be with You); Julie De Azevedo, "Feel the Fire" (Album: Window to His Love); the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, "Lead, Kindly Light" (Album: Then Sings My Soul).

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