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Mormon Identities is a program about real Latter-day Saints as they live the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in the world today. We explore how the gospel shapes our identities in episodes dealing with our communitites, culture, scriptures, doctrines, life experiences, and challenges.

This episode of Mormon Identities is on fidelity in marriage. You'll learn that infidelity comes in different ways than you might think. Eric Huntsman interviews Dr. Kenneth Matheson, a professor from Brigham Young University's School of Social Work, and Dr. Ford McBride, a clinical psychologist. They discuss emotional, physical, and spiritual infidelity. They also bring up some of the warning signs. This interview includes great advice on how husbands and wives can prevent any type of infidelity from entering their marriage.

Read the article by Kenneth W. Matheson, "Fidelity in Marriage: It's More Than You Think" (September 2009 Ensign)

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