Into All the World

Reid and Diane Robison - Episode 13

Episode 13


Recently returned mission president Reid A. Robinson and Sister Diane Robinson discuss their experiences from serving in the West Indies Mission, which is located in the Caribbean. They give insight into the dynamics of their mission, which includes 10 countries. They also discuss some of their experiences with the missionariesespecially the senior missionariesas well as the increased growth of the LDS Church in this area.

President Reid A. and Sister Diane Robinson. Before their mission, President Robinson has served as a stake president, bishop, high councilor and stake mission president. Sister Robinson has served as a Relief Society president, Young Women president, Primary president and an institute and seminary teacher. The Robinsons have five children and are from Provo, Utah.

Facts about the West Indies Mission

  • The West Indies Mission was organized June 20, 1983.
  • The first stake organized in the West Indies was on March 1, 2009, 32 years after the first missionaries arrived in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The West Indies Mission has 10 countries, 3 languages (French, Dutch and English) and 6 currencies within its area.
  • The growth of the Church is expanding at a faster rate than ever before. According to the Church News, in 2008 the West Indies Mission baptized over 2,000 converts.