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Donald and Jane Pugh - Episode 24

Episode 24


Donald and Jane Pugh tell a little about themselves and their family. They talk about Pennsylvania, where Donald presided over the Pennsylvania Harrisburg Mission. They also talk about the missionaries and their work there, and they testify of the truth of the work.

Facts about the LDS Church in Pennsylvania, USA

  • Almost 50,000 members, 3 missions, 10 Stakes and 1 district

  • Joseph and Emma Smith lived in Harmony, Pennsylvania (present-day Oakland) from Dec. 1827 to August 1830. While living there the Prophet Joseph Smith translated most of the Book of Mormon with Emma, Martin Harris and Oliver Cowdery as scribes.

  • On May 15, 1829 on the banks of the Susquehanna River, Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood by John the Baptist and then immersed each other in the river, performing the first authorized baptisms of this dispensation. Shortly thereafter, Peter, James and John appeared to Joseph and Oliver in the same area and ordained them to the Melchizedek Priesthood.

  • After the Church headquarters were established in Kirtland, Ohio in 1831, missionaries visited northern Pennsylvania often while they traveled to their former homes farther east. More than 140 people were baptized in Erie County during the early 1830s.

  • Brigham Young's brother Phinehas organized the first branch in Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh during the winter of 1832-1833.

  • During the 1830s, there were at least 13 branches established in Pennsylvania. Most of these branches eventually ceased to function as converts gathered with the saints in Ohio and Missouri.

  • Members in Waynesboro built a stone meetinghouse in 1904, the first LDS building erected in Pennsylvania.

  • The first stake in Pennsylvania was organized in Philadelphia in October 1960. It included six wards and branches in southeast Pennsylvania and other units in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Visit this Church News article for more information about the LDS Church in the state of Pennsylvania.

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