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Ciro Schmeil - Episode 18

Episode 18


President Schmeil talks about his stake, which is in the east part of the city, within the So Paulo East Mission. President Schmeil mentions being raised in the Church and meeting his wife at BYU. He also discusses missionary efforts, the ratio in the stake of Brazilian missionaries to U.S. ones (about 60% are Brazilian), and the importance of the temple. The interview concludes with his testimony of the gospel in English and Portuguese.

LDS Church Facts in Brazil

  • Brazil has 27 missions, 233 Stakes, 5 temples and one more under construction.

  • President Rheinold Stoof of the South American Mission first visited Brazil in 1927, and returned with the elders to begin missionary work among German-speaking people in September 1928.

  • A branch was organized in Joinville on July 6, 1930 and the first Church-owned meetinghouse in South America was dedicated 25 October 1931, in Joinville.
  • A mission was created in Brazil, on May 25, 1935 with its headquarters in So Paulo.
  • At first, missionaries taught only in German. However, a Portuguese edition of the Book of Mormon was published in 1939.
  • The So Paulo Stake, the first in South America, was organized on May 1,1966.
  • In October 1993, construction began on the Church's second largest Missionary Training Center in So Paulo.
  • Within the state of So Paulo Brazil there are 2 temples, 72 Stakes and 8 Districts.
  • The Church, represented by its service organization, "Helping Hands," received national recognition on November 9, 2002, as one of the most important volunteer organizations in Brazil.

Visit this Church News article for more information about the LDS Church in Brazil.

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