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Privacy Policy

We are very sensitive to the privacy of Internet users who visit this site. Therefore, we endeavor to provide users all information regarding our identity, how we use personal information that is collected, how to contact us, and how users can access and update their personal information. We also inform users of all potential recipients of the personal information.

Our Identity and How to Contact Us

This site is owned and operated by Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Church" "us" or like terms). Users can contact us by linking to the Feedback page and leaving a message detailing any questions or concerns.

Personal Information: Collection and Use

Personal Data. Users are required to register first with LDS Accounta Web site that provides Church membership and other personal identity verification of users to Church affiliated sites before this site will have access to any personal information. When users access this site they submit their LDS Account user name and password which authorizes LDS Account to pre-populate each user's profile and/or preferences page with personal information, including Church membership data (if applicable), name, mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number. We allow registered users to access all public areas of the site and certain restricted portions of the site where the user is a member or leader having an interest we determine relates to that certain portion of the site. We may request, or users may voluntarily provide, other personal information from time to time for different features on the site. This additional information is provided voluntarily by users and is used by the Church only to the extent necessary to fulfill legitimate internal purposes and to fulfill the request of the users. Users can correct their personal information by going to the LDS Account site and editing (where permitted) their personal profile, and by accessing their profile and/or preferences page (if any) on this site and following the prompts to make possible changes to their personal information. Some information can only be updated by making changes to the users' Church membership record and such changes must be done in users' local Church units. The personal information in users' profile or preferences pages may be accessed by us as well as by other users that we grant access based on their Church membership or leadership responsibilities. If any problems are encountered in modifying personal information or if any other request to update personal information has been submitted, users can contact us at the page and request assistance.

Users may provide us personal information through other features now existing or that may be created for this site in the future. For example, if users seek to purchase items or subscribe to a service or magazine, users will be required to provide additional personal information. Users may also provide us personal information when they send messages, respond to questions, engage in on-line chats, upload photos, upload video clips or provide other information when and if such options become available on this site. Also, when users send messages, make postings, or otherwise transmit or post any content within this site, others may have access the personal information within such content. We intend to collect and/or maintain posts, messages, notes, journal entries and other content that users post or transmit as well as information about the content and users' interaction with the content if it is, or becomes, a feature of this site. We are under no obligation to monitor messages, notes, journal entries, posts or transmissions of users, but reserve the right to monitor such entries in our absolute discretion (particularly public posts and transmissions) and are authorized to block or remove content we deem inappropriate or objectionable. Some information users provide will be made available to users' Church leaders (if applicable). Because users may voluntarily disclose personal information publically when posting, transmitting, or uploading content, users must be careful with information users chooses to disclose.

Third-Party Data. Where local law permits, users also may submit personal information of third parties including their names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers, to allow Church representatives to make contact with the named individual and determine whether that party has any interest in hearing the message of the gospel or for other purposes. Users can also provide the same information regarding third parties to order items or subscriptions for the third party. In this instance, the information collected is used solely to facilitate users' requests for delivery of items to third parties or to simplify the process of future orders or subscription renewals to the same third parties. When providing personal information about anyone other than themselves, users will obtain the other person's consent and provide that person access to this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of Personal Information.

We regard users' personal information as confidential and do not sell it or share it with other parties except in the limited circumstances described in this Privacy Policy. Please be aware that any information users voluntarily choose to display on any publically available portion of this site become publically available and may be collected and used by others.

Third Party Providers. We may provide personal information of users to third parties for their use in performing internal functions on our behalf (payment processing, maintenance, security, data analysis, hosting, and so forth).

Local Ward, Stake, and Leadership Data. We have established ward and stake Web sites, features and pages, and may develop additional ward and stake features and pages in the future for this site, containing some information on ward and stake members. In order to access member or leader information in these Web sites, features or pages, users must be members of the Church and register and be verified through LDS Account as being a member or leader of a particular ward and stake. Access to the ward and stake Web sites is limited to us and the members and leaders of the ward or stake. Access to the ward and stake websites is only permitted for non-commercial, general Church functions. Upon request to their bishop or branch president, members may request that their personal information be omitted from the local ward or stake websites or pages.

Legal Requirements. We may disclose users' personal information, posts, notes, journal entries or other content if we have a good-faith belief that doing so is required by a subpoena or other judicial or administrative order or otherwise required by law. Additionally, we may disclose users' personal information and other information where we, in good faith, deem it appropriate or necessary to prevent a violation of our Conditions of Use, or other agreements; to take precautions against liability; to protect the rights, property, or safety of this site, any individual, or the general public; to maintain and protect the security and integrity of our services or infrastructure; to protect ourselves and our services from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses; to investigate and defend ourselves against third-party claims or allegations; or to assist government enforcement agencies.

Affiliated Sites and Entities. We have several sites that are under the control of the Church and its affiliated entities. We may share some or all of users' personal information with our affiliates, in which case we will require those affiliates to honor the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Passive Data Collection

Cookies and Clear Gifs. In our effort to improve users' site experience, we use cookies and clear gifs to provide pages and features that are most compatible with users' preferences. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a browser when a user visits a Web site. A clear gif is a graphic file, rather than a text file, that is similar in function to a cookie. Cookies and clear gifs do not identify the user personally; they simply identify the browser and track the settings, preferences, or features.

Internet Protocol ("IP") Addresses. When users request pages from our site, our servers may log their IP address in order to improve site administration. This information, along with the other information listed above, can also be used to produce usage statistics to help us better meet the needs of users and determine specific interests.

Protecting Information

To protect the confidentiality of personal information received, we use technical and organizational measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and unauthorized alteration of the information under our control. We cannot guarantee that the information will not be lost or misused, but we make every reasonable efforts to ensure that it is secured to avoid such problems.

Foreign Transfer of Data

Any personal information provided to us may be received or transferred to our servers located in other countries which may have less stringent data protection laws than the country where the users reside. When users submit information through this Web site, we understand that users' action is an affirmative act, indicating informed consent to the processing as well as informed consent to allow the transborder transfer of the data to the United States of America for the purposes outlined above. If users submit any personal information about themselves or others, including information inferring or demonstrating religious beliefs, affiliations, or practices, users alone are responsible for the consequences of making this transfer of personal information.

Children's Privacy

We do not knowingly collect information from children under 13 without the prior express and informed consent of the child's parent or guardian in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act recommended standards. Children under 13 wishing to submit personal information to the site must register first with LDS Account, and the parent or guardian must first approve the registration and authorize our retention of personal information.

Third-Party Links

We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any third-party sites. For users own protection, users should review the policies of similar sites to ensure they meet the users' personal expectations of privacy.

Future Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of the Privacy Policy at any time. As we do not typically use personal information except as provided for above, we are not in a position to notify users of material changes in our Privacy Policy. We encourage users to check the Privacy Policy to remain informed of any changes.

Additional Data Privacy Information

Enquiries concerning this Privacy Policy or the security of personal information processed by the Church may be sent via email to:

Effective Date

This version of the Privacy Policy became effective on the 20th day of October, 2009