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Conversations features interviews with General Authorities, auxiliary leaders, and faithful Latter-day Saints conducted in a style that allows the listener to become acquainted with those being interviewed in an informal way.

As a girl in a small Montana town, Karen Payne went to confession regularly at a nearby church. Her story of joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints amid opposition is one story, but a more unique aspect of her life is having ten children and watching all eight who have thus far reached missionary age serve missions for the Church-- all of this without the help of a husband who was traveling for work most of the time. This Conversations interview displays some of what she has learned from her experience. Some of her traits are reflected by excerpts from short interviews with each of her ten children taped prior to the interview.

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Karen Payne - Episode 55   56:37
Karen Payne - Episode 55 Conversations
Karen Payne - Growing Up    2:39
Karen Payne - Testimony    1:05