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How Firm a Foundation    1:01:09
Saving Your Life    53:46
Sweep the Earth as with a Flood    42:26
CES Devotional, March 2014    56:26
I Will Give Myself to Him    1:00:52
Our Prophet: Thomas S. Monson    1:00:24
What Is Truth?    53:22
What Is Truth? Broadcasts
We Are the Architects of Our Own Happiness    1:04:08
Israel, Israel, God Is Calling    1:04:34
Stand in the Sacred Grove    1:03:02
What E're Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part    53:10
The Unspeakable Gift of the Holy Ghost    51:16
Truths Most Worth Knowing    40:32
Truth and Tolerance    39:05
Truth and Tolerance Broadcasts
To the Singles of the Church    15:44
Coming to Know    36:55
Coming to Know Broadcasts
We Were the Greatest Generation    32:05
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread    35:35
To Have Peace and Happiness    48:23
The Road of Life    47:09
The Road of Life Broadcasts
Thy Friends Do Stand by Thee    34:54
Preparing for Your Spiritual Destiny    40:56
The Reflection in the Water    44:24
Zion Is the Pure in Heart    54:55
Things as They Really Are    38:32
Great Expectations    39:21
Great Expectations Broadcasts
Lessons from Liberty Jail    44:25
Lessons from Liberty Jail Broadcasts
Power and Protection Provided by Worthy Music    29:25
Unlocking the Door to the Blessings of Abraham    42:26