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Support and Troubleshooting

Question 1: Why does the stream cut out or break up?

A: Your Internet connection may be too slow. Contact your Internet provider if you believe there is a problem.

A: Your computer memory may be low. Close other running applications. Delete temporary or cached files. Clear your Adobe Flash Player cache (see question 8).

A: Your bandwidth may be limiting connection speeds. Some locations and internet providers limit bandwidth. Try limiting other programs that may also be using bandwidth.

Question 2: Why does the player say "Playing" but there is no audio?

A:Make sure that "mute" is off and that the volume is turned up.

A:Make sure your speakers or headphones are plugged in and turned on.

A:Test your speakers with a different audio source.

Please let us know if you still have this issue and none of the above solutions resolved the problem.

Question 3: Why does the player say "Connecting" but nothing is happening?

A:Check your Internet connection. Your computer may have been disconnected.

Please let us know if you still have this issue and none of the above solutions resolved the problem.

Question 4: Why is there no "fast-forward," "rewind," or "stop" button?

A:The Mormon Channel is streaming audio. It plays continuously and you can't fast-forward, rewind, pause, or stop.

A:If you would like these functions, you can download mp3 files from the Programs page.

Question 5: Why does the audio not resume where I left off when I press the "pause" button?

A:See answers for question 4.

Question 6: What software do I need to listen to the Mormon Channel stream?

A:You will need Adobe Flash Player. Visit to download it.

Question 7: Which Internet browsers are supported?

A:Internet Explorer 7.0 and newer

A:Firefox 3.0 and newer

A:Chrome 3.0 and newer

Question 8: How do I clear or increase my Adobe Flash Player local storage?

A:For a full explanation and directions, visit

Question 9: How do I include the Mormon Channel widget on my Facebook page, blog or website?

A:Click the "Get Widget" button above and follow the directions.

HD Radio

Question 10: Why does the sound drop every few seconds when I am listening with my HD Radio?

A:You may have lost reception for a few seconds. HD radio is still under development. Radio stations are still trying to get the best sound quality from their broadcasts. If you are in a car, a building or bridge may have interrupted your signal. If you are at home you may need to move the radio to a different location or add an antenna for better reception. If you have not moved or changed anything, you may want to contact the station and let them know you have noticed a change.