Radio Streams

We Would Love to Hear from You!

Do you have a personal experience or testimony that you would like to share on the Mormon Channel? We are looking for individuals to share experiences in audio format on the topics shown below.

If you would like to share, you can leave your experience on our automated system. Please e-mail us at and we will send you one. If you know someone who could share an experience or if you would like to recommend someone for one of our programs, e-mail us at Thank you for sharing.

  • A simple testimony of basic principles like faith, the Atonement, temple work, the Restoration, prophets, and so on.
  • Tell us your brief story. Where are you from? What makes you, who you are?
  • Your favorite family tradition growing up or currently.
  • Your favorite Christmas tradition or your favorite Christmas story or experience.
  • Your favorite holiday and why.
  • A turning point in your life that strengthened your testimony.
  • A quote or story from an ancestor's journal, could be from pioneer era or other time periods.
  • Your favorite scripture mastery scripture and why.
  • Your thoughts about specific things you love about this earth and nature.
  • Recent converts or people who could share the story of how they accepted the gospel, even if they were raised in the Church.
  • Grandparents or the older generation who could share experiences about the Church when they were growing up and what advice they would give.
  • Nonmembers who have had a positive experience with the Church and its members.
  • Artists, musicians, and creative people of all types to talk about how creativity and spirituality come together. (They would not be able to promote their work on the show.)
  • Recently returned mission presidents from around the world.
  • People with different accents, such asScottish, African, or even Southern or New York, to record the Articles of Faith, "The Family: A Proclamation to the World," and "The Living Christ." (This can be done over the phone.)
  • Children who could share a favorite experience or story from the scriptures or read the Articles of Faith.
  • Any humanitarian or service projects from your ward or area.
  • A story or experience from your mission.