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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen to the Mormon Channel?

There are several ways to listen to the Mormon Channel. For more specifics, please visit the "How to Listen" page. You can also tune in live by selecting "Live Stream" on the upper right-hand corner of the web page.

Where does the content for Mormon Channel come from?

Many different sources. First, many of the programs come from the vast archives of the Church. Second, working with the various departments of the Church, a large number of new programs and series have been developed for the Mormon Channel. Finally, some great partners, such as Bonneville, Deseret Book, and the campuses of Brigham Young University have also provided content for the service.

Will live Church programming be carried on the Mormon Channel?

Yes. General conference, CES firesides, devotionals, Christmas firesides, and other special broadcasts will be carried live on the Mormon Channel, and repeated across multiple time zones. It should be noted, however, that certain Church events, such as temple dedications, are intended to be viewed only in select locations because of the sacred nature of the event. Broadcasts not intended for a general audience will typically not air on the Mormon Channel.